Fahrrad Wien

Vienna to Subsidise Cargo Bikes for Private Individuals

Those considering buying a cargo bike can count on the financial support from the City of Vienna in the future. The purchase of cargo bikes will be supported with up to 1,000 euros starting April 2020. These plans also include an increase of the fleet "Grätzlrad Wien", the city's free cargo bike rental service. This initiative will complement the e-cargo bike subsidy scheme for businesses, which was launched earlier this month. 

Already, in 2017, the City of Vienna supported the purchase of 322 cargo bike as part of a cargo bike subsidy scheme for private individuals and businesses. Families with children mainly benefited from this support.

Financial support for private individuals

Private individuals have the opportunity to apply for funding. Up to a 50 percent of the purchase price (800 euros max) will be refunded. E-cargo bike purchases will be reimbursed with up to 1,000 Euros. The subsidies will be in place for two years but limited to a total of 300,000 Euros. Applications can be submitted three months after the purchase at the latest. This also applies retroactively, i.e. cargo bikes purchased at the beginning of 2020 can apply for funding.

Grätzlräder for Vienna

The scheme will also make room for new Grätzlräder. These will receive financial support of up to 100%. Receivers of a "Grätzlrad" commit themselves to making it available to the public free of charge. There are currently eleven Grätzlräder, and the fleet of the city's free sharing service will be expanded by a further ten cargo bikes.

Fahrrad Wien II

Grätzlrad Wien was created in connection with the cargo bike promotion in 2017. More than 3,000 transport trips have already been made with the Grätzlräder. An evaluation by TU Wien shows: Viennese people embrace the Grätzlrad. Rent a Grätzlrad here: www.graetzlrad.wien