European Market Size Survey

There is currently few data on the size and growth of the European cargo bike market. Providing such data is an important tool to further increase interest in cargo bikes by companies, governments and consumers.

CCCB will ask cargo bike manufacturers to share – on a strictly confidential basis and in line with EU antitrust legislation – their sales numbers in Europe with CCCB partner Cracow University of Technology. Data on sales will be divided into

  • 2018 / 2019 / 2020 (first quarter)
  • private use / commercial use
  • two wheelers / three wheelers / four or more wheelers
  • non electrified models/ Pedelec 25 / Pedelec 45 / Pedelec L1e-A
  • main national markets

Only aggregated data will be shared with other CCCB partners and the public. The timing of the survey and the presentation of its results depends on the development of the Corona crisis.



In Germany, annual data of the German Cycling Industry Association (ZIV) also breaks down sales numbers of bicycles for cargo bikes. ZIV estimates that 76.000 cargo bikes were sold in Germany in 2019: 54.500 with electric assist and 21.500 without electric assist.

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